15 Coping Statements That Can Turn Your Life Around

by Namida

The first steps to achieving equilibrium in our lives is to replace our bad thoughts with good ones.

Whenever we encounter stressful or tough situations, we tend to experience overwhelming emotion and thinking patterns that can do more harm than good.

The aim of providing these statements is to help you replace the negative and often times overgeneralized thoughts, with positive and realistic ones. When you consistently use and reflect on these statements, they can become an automatic process that occurs each and every time you come across hard times. Overtime, this process can help rewire the connections in the brain to produce stable thinking patterns. This can help you become more mindful of your thoughts in the long-term, and strengthens your ability to think more rationally.

Below are five statements for each situation where you may experience anger, anxiety, or stress. You may find that simply thinking these terms may not help, but saying them aloud can go a long way.

Coping Statements for Anger

  1. "I am in charge, not my anger."

  2. "This is uncomfortable, but I can handle it if I take slow and deep breaths."

  3. "I can find a way to say what I want to without anger."

  4. "Remember to breathe, I am the one in control."

  5. "I can't expect people to act the way I want them too."

Coping Statements for Anxiety

  1. "My fears are not my reality."

  2. "This is very difficult, but I can cope with it."

  3. "This too, will likely pass."

  4. "Anxiety is not my boss. I am in control. I may have anxiety, but I am not my anxiety."

  5. "This feeling is uncomfortable, but normal and tolerable."

Coping Statements for Stress

  1. "I've done this before, so I know I can do it again."

  2. "I have gone through changes before and have survived."

  3. "When all this is over I will be glad I did it and proud of myself for doing it."

  4. "I can feel grateful and scared at the same time."

  5. "This may seem hard now, but it will get easier with time."

Let us know how you go with using these statements with issues you may face in day to day life.

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