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Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Baccarat Rouge 540 is one of the most unique fragrances to grace the shelves. It has been described to have an "elegant amberwood-spiked jasmine scent" with jasmine, saffron, cedar wood and ambergris notes.

Due to its hefty price tag, many fragrance and perfume lovers may not be willing to splurge on it. Currently, MFK's Baccarat Rouge 540 retails for $219 AUD ($195 USD) for the smallest quantity of 35ml. The 70ml bottle will set you back $376 AUD ($325 USD) and the largest size, 200ml, comes at whopping $744 AUD ($625 USD). Given that this fragrance has such a distinct and acquired smell, many cannot justify spending this much money on it.

Below are some of the best dupes for MFK's Baccarat Rouge 540.

1. Ariana Grande - Cloud

One of the most popular dupes for MFK BR 540, with possibly the closest smell. It presents an oriental, gourmand scent with lavender blossom, juicy pear and bergamot top notes. The smallest size 30ml (1 OZ) retails for $45 AUD and the largest size 100ml (3.4 OZ) for $65 AUD.

I have lost count for the amount of compliments I got wearing this perfume. Every person that smelt it asked for its name. Some even assumed I was wearing BR 540, saying "Omg, I love BR 540!" while I grinned back "It's actually Ariana Grande."

Ariana Grande's Cloud is available at Australian stores Chemist Warehouse and Priceline, and at US stores Target and Ulta Beauty.

2. Alt Fragrances - Crystal No. 23

Crystal No. 23's scent features jasmine, saffron and orange in its top notes, and cedarwood, ambergris and fir balsam in its base notes. The smallest size 30ml (1 OZ) retails for $53 AUD ($39 USD) and the largest size 60ml (2 OZ) goes for $66.50 AUD ($49 USD). I must say, this fragrance has caught people off many times. Some assumed I was straight up wearing BR 540. I've even had someone say I smelt like money. Do with that what you will.

You can purchase this dupe from Alt Fragrances here.

3. Oil Perfumery - Impression of BR 540

Oil Perfumery's interpretation of BR 540 is also highly favoured. For $27 AUD ($19.95 USD) you can get a 10ml rollerball bottle that's quick to throw into your bag and great for easy application. Their larger 60ml sells for $115.32 AUD ($84.99 USD). This scent comprises jasmine, saffron, marigold and orange in its top notes, and cedarwood, ambergris, and fir balsam in its base notes. It is alcohol free, vegan and cruelty free. Oil Perfumery's dupe is available only via their website.

4. Oakcha - Sweven

Oakcha Sweven's top and base notes are pretty much identical to Oil Perfumery's impression of BR 540. Though it's not alcohol free, it is vegan and cruelty free. Its only size, 30ml / 1 OZ retails for $95 AUD ($70 USD), however it is currently on sale for $57 AUD ($42 USD)! This fragrance is only available for purchase from Oakcha directly. Also be aware of the shipping costs if you're buying from Australia or internationally.

5. Zara - Red Temptation

Zara's made gold these past couple of years with their own line of dupes for higher luxury fragrances. Red Temptation is their dupe for MFK's BR 540. Price wise, this is probably the cheapest of the bunch on this list, and we always save the best for last. For 80mls / 2.71 OZ you can snap this up for the low price of $39.95 AUD ($29 USD). Nothing better than being able to smell like a million dollars without actually spending it! At the moment, Zara Australia currently has no stock, but you can keep an eye out for it here!

For those that prefer the real deal, you can get MFK BR 540 online and in select stores at Mecca Cosmetica in Australia.

Note: There are no affiliate links on this page. I am not getting sponsored or paid to endorse these products. All dupes were purchased with my own money.

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